Auction Rules

Our rules are designed to create a safe and fair environment for all Domain Burn members. Learning what’s allowed can help you avoid unintentionally breaking the rules and helps everyone in working with reliable, trustworthy members.

1. You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in an auction.
2. Shill bidding, bidding on your own listings, or having someone else bid on your listings for you, will not be tolerated.
3. All valid sales agreements are binding. Failure to follow the rules may void the contract of sale.
4. Each domain name in a sales listing must include the complete domain name, its expiration date, its registrar, and any restrictions on the push or transfer of the domain name.
5. If listing the age of a domain name, sellers must clearly distinguish between the most recent registration date and the past registration dates of a domain by labeling them “Registered” and “History” respectively.
6. Domain Burn uses US dollars ($US) for all listings. Payment options will all be converted to $US.
7. All valid bids are binding and cannot be retracted. Bids are void when outbid by another member.
8. Auction holders (Sellers) must sell to the highest bidder with a valid bid at the end of the auction or to the first Buyer to accept a valid Buy-It-Now (“BIN”) price before the auction ends.
9. Sellers are responsible for paying all transaction fees. Sellers should take fees into consideration when choosing sale prices, reserve prices, and/or starting bids.
10. The complete domain name must be included in the auction title.
11. Do not mention or post any links in sales listings.
12. Transparency: All details and restrictions regarding a deal or sales listing that are uncommon or outside of industry norms must be clearly defined and expressed.
13. You must be the rightful owner or authorized broker to list a domain name for sale. Brokers must be authorized by asset owner(s) to sell on their behalf and Domain Burn retains the rights to pause an auction to certify a domain broker has the authority to list the property for sale.
14. Do not infringe on globally-recognized trademarks by listing items for sale that violate the trademark holder’s rights. Selling intellectual property or benefiting from the intellectual property of another party’s without their permission is strictly prohibited.
15. Default timeline for sales: transactions must be initiated within 5 days of an offer being accepted. The domain transfer must be completed within a grand total of 14 days from the time the auction ended.
16. It is both the Buyer’s and Seller’s individual responsibility to carry out and complete a sale.
17. No restrictions are to be imposed by Sellers on their sales listings other than registrar (if listed before the winning bid is placed).
18. Every mention of an internationalized domain name (IDN) in a sales context must, at a minimum, include the punycode of the domain name (e.g., must be included if discussing the sale of ☆.com). Note: All punycode begins with xn--.
19. Auctions must be exclusive to Domain Burn until the winner is awarded the item(s) or the auction expires without a winner.
20. Reserve prices are to be set by the Seller and cannot be changed once an auction begins.
21. An auction cannot be modified once a bid is placed. BIN prices are not reserve prices. A Buy-It-Now (“BIN”) price may be changed (added, reduced, increased, or removed) on an auction prior to it being accepted.
22. All communication about auctions must be carried out on Transitioning a conversation to an off-site medium, such as e-mail, is not allowed at any time when discussing any aspect of an auction.
23. Auction holders (Sellers) and the winners (Buyers) must report any auction sales that will not be completed to the Futura Domains Administrator via e-mail to