Auction FAQ

1. Can I sell more than one domain name in a listing?

No – each listing is for an individual domain name.

2. Can I list my domain name I have listed for auction on Futura Domains on another platform or website while I have an active auction on Domain Burn?

No. You can’t offer a property through other sales channels while it’s listed for auction on Domain Burn. If Domain Burn finds your listed domain name in auction simultaneously listed for sale on another platform, you will be notified to remove the other listing. If the matter is not rectified, the auction could be ended with the Seller forfeiting the listing fee and a warning will be given. If you decide that you want to sell a listed property elsewhere, close your Domain Burn listing first, as long as there are not any bids meeting or exceeding your Reserve Price. This restriction avoids the possibility that you sell the same property simultaneously through two different channels, and the legal issues that would result. Remember: all Domain Burn sales and auctions are legally binding.

3. Can I sell newly registered domain names on Domain Burn?

Domain Burn has no restrictions on which top-level domains can be sold on our platform, outside of any barred by government regulations (like .edu or .gov).

ICANN has regulations that typically state a newly registered domain can’t be transferred to another registrar within 60 days:

ICANN transfer policy

One way that this often works on Domain Burn is if you’ve recently registered the domain name, the buyer would have to either have, or create, an account with the same registrar for the domain name to be “pushed” in order to comply with the rules. The seller will clearly need to state this in the domain name Listing.

Since Domain Burn is itself not a registrar, Domain Burn does not have any say regarding these rules. The seller will need to check with their own registrar for any particular restrictions. One rule that we do enforce is that you must be able to sell the property that you put up for auction on Domain Burn. If your domain has been recently registered, you must clearly mention in your listing description that the domain has a transfer lock and/or other restrictions (if any) and how the domain name is to change registrants at the end of the auction. This is the Seller’s responsibility to understand their own registrar’s restrictions. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to create an account with a registrar in order to receive a domain name won in auction, if it so states in the domain name Listing.

4. Can I sell an adult name on Domain Burn?

Yes – adult related domain names can be listed for sale provided the domain name does not have vulgar or bad language in the name. Domain Burn can end an auction if any explicit language is in the domain name or in the domain name Listing. If you have any questions about a particular domain name, please feel free to contact us first.

5. What should I include in my Listing description?

Writing a long Listing Description is not required, but could add additional information to a potential buyer.

At a minimum, each domain name Listing must include:
• complete domain name,
• the domain name’s expiration date,
• the domain name’s registrar,
• the domain name’s renewal price if the cost exceeds $15 at its current registrar

Also please include any transfer locks or restrictions you may have on your domain name.

If Domain Burn finds the required minimum information is not included, the seller will be notified. If after the given allotted time (at Domain Burn’s choosing) the Listing is not updated with the minimum information, Domain Burn could end the auction where the Seller would forfeit the listing fee and be given a warning.

6. Why do I need a graphic image with my Listing?

Domain Burn has set up this platform in a graphically-pleasing style to make it easier for Buyers and Sellers to find, buy or sell domain names. The graphic image is another way to display the domain name on the website. Plus, we think the website is more visually pleasing with these images! We recommend a size of 500px X 500px square image in jpg or png format. If you use larger or rectangular images, the website may reduce and/or crop the image.

7. How long does an auction last?

Domain Burn auctions last for a maximum of 30 days. The Seller chooses the length of each of their domain name auctions from a pull-down menu of select choices when listing their domain name for sale.

The Seller can end an auction early by clicking on the “Complete and end auction” link on the auction Listing. Domain Burn may decide to extend or end an auction in its sole discretion.

8. Can I Cancel my Auction?

You can only cancel an auction if the Reserve Price has not been met, but you will not be refunded your Listing fee. Once the Reserve Price has been met during an auction, you are legally obligated to complete the sale of the domain name to the highest bidder when the auction ends.

To end a public auction, click on the “End Auction Early” link on the Auction Details page. If your Reserve Price has been met, the Buyer who placed the highest bid will be declared the winner. If your Reserve Price hasn’t been met, the auction will end without a winner.

If you change your mind about selling your property, you can close your listing early, provided it meets some criteria. You can change your mind about selling a property at auction only if there hasn’t been a bid that’s equal to or more than the Reserve Price on your Listing.

9. How is Domain Burn involved after an auction ends?

Once an auction is completed with a winning bidder, Domain Burn notifies both the Seller and winning Buyer and initiates the Checkout procedure with the Buyer. Domain Burn/Futura Domains then, acting as agent, receives payment from the Buyer. Domain Burn then facilitates the domain name transfer from Seller to Buyer. Once there is confirmation that the domain name has been successfully transferred, Domain Burn/Futura Domains releases the payment to the Seller, less the service/commission fees.

10. How do I relist my domain name if it doesn’t sell?

If you list a domain name on Domain Burn and it doesn’t sell, you can relist it by starting a new listing and choosing the Re-List Package. You’ll only pay half the standard listing fee to relist your property.

11. What are warnings?

On Domain Burn, both Buyers and Sellers are to act in a truthful and professional manner. Warnings may be given by Domain Burn for rules and/or terms violations. At Domain Burn’s discretion, an account may be suspended or a user banned from Domain Burn for multiple warnings (at Domain Burn’s discretion). If the rule or term violation is excessive, a suspension or ban can be imposed without a warning.

12. Can I or my family have multiple user accounts?

No, each Domain Burn user account must be held by one person only, and each person may hold only one Domain Burn account. Additionally, accounts should not be linked or otherwise shared, and accounts held by family members should not be used to bid on your listings.

Also important:
• User accounts are non-transferable.
• Private offers made outside of Domain Burn are expressly forbidden.
• Offers made via private messages on Domain Burn are discouraged. However, if accepted, transactions must be completed on Domain Burn.
• Users may not link to external websites.
• Users may not provide their contact details in listings or in public comments.
• All users should diligently monitor listings they are interested in; Domain Burn can provide no guarantees about delivery of emails or other notifications.
• Users who are banned by Domain Burn administration can expect no refund of any monies paid.

13. If I am having problems with the website or payments, what should I do?

For customer support with account-related and payment-related questions (“Customer Support Queries”), please submit a ticket to our customer service department using the Customer Service contact form below. We will use reasonable endeavors to respond to all Customer Support Queries within a reasonable time frame but we make no guarantees or warranties of any kind that any Customer Support Queries will be responded to within any particular time frame and/or that we will be able to satisfactorily answer any such queries.

Contact Customer Service

If you’re looking for more help or have a question to ask, please contact us via e-mail at or use the contact for below: